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Woods Mowing

Whether you need to clear some land to prepare for construction or want to take out brush, shrubs and other overgrown nuisances on your property, count on Nichols Contracting as your woods mowers.


Your Local Woods Mowers

Nichols Contracting has the right equipment to make quick work of overgrowth. We can easily handle all your clear-cutting needs—from site preparation to field maintenance.


With Kentucky’s booming construction business, woods mowers are in demand. We do more than just knock out overgrowth; we can clear out even the smallest pieces to ensure your site is ready for construction.


Fair Pricing

We know you’re working hard to provide for your family. That’s what we’re doing too. We charge enough to cover our costs (including time and labor)—never overcharging. When you hire Nichols Contracting for woods mowing, you can be sure you’re getting a fair and reasonable price on a top-quality project.

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